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Indirectly illuminated sign indicates an illuminated nonflashing signal whose illumination is derived solely from an external artificial resource and which can be so arranged that no direct rays of light are projected from these kinds of artificial source into residences or the road.

Off-premises signal suggests a sign that contains a information or directs focus to a business, job, product or service, exercise, or assistance that's not related to a use or activity carried out or supplied to the premises or at the location in which the indicator is situated, excluding highway directional signs, and is normally obtainable via rental or lease to folks in addition to the owner on the signal.

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Promotion indication means a sign which directs focus to a company, commodity, or service or amusement sold or provided somewhere else than about the premises and only incidentally within the premises.

Hearing examiner (land use) suggests someone appointed by the town administrator to carry out general public hearings on applications outlined in the town ordinance making the hearing examiner, and who prepares a history, results of truth and conclusions on these programs.

Motel, such as resort and motor hotel, means a developing or group of buildings comprising individual sleeping or dwelling units to the accommodation of transient guests for compensation.

Yard implies the land unoccupied or unobstructed, from the ground upward, aside from these types of encroachments as can be permitted by this title, bordering a making website.

Revegetation means the planting of vegetation to protect any land locations that have been disturbed throughout development. This vegetation shall be maintained to make sure its survival and shall be according to planting requirements of the town landscape restrictions as set out in Chapter 15.07 KCC.

one. Irrespective of whether minors are prohibited from access to the premises in the establishment mainly because of the adult leisure nature on the inventory;

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D. Exotic dance studio, often known as “topless bar” and “adult cabaret,” suggests a nightclub, bar, restaurant, or identical commercial establishment, or any premises or facility to which any member of the general public is invited or admitted and wherever an entertainer delivers live performances to any member of the general public, which performances are characterised by an emphasis over the depiction, description, or simulation of “specified anatomical locations” or “specified sexual activities,” or which emphasize and seek to arouse or excite the patron’s sexual needs.

Official map means maps showing the designation, area, and boundaries of the varied districts which have been adopted and manufactured a part of the title.

Townhouse with possession interest suggests authentic property fashioned to be a townhouse, in which portions are designated for separate ownership and the rest is selected for widespread ownership entirely because of the proprietors of These parts, by having an undivided fascination while in the common things vested from the unit entrepreneurs.

Wall indication means a sign affixed to the exterior wall of a constructing or framework with the exposed encounter with the indicator on the aircraft parallel for the plane of this sort of wall.

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